Jungle Gym Hut Turned Pirate Ship

We recently had a lady purchase a Jungle Gym Hut climbing frame from us and we spoke to her a week back and she has transformed the Jungle Gym Hut wooden climbing into a fantastic pirate ship for her daughter. What’s more this creative mum did it all by herself. Want to know how she did it then read on.

She ordered the Jungle Gym Hut and used this as the frame for her pirate ship. None of the pirate ship is actually attached to the Jungle Gym Hut, meaning that it can be dismantled at a later date and her daughter will have a new Jungle Gym Hut to play on. As the lady built the wooden climbing frame herself she used two wheelie bins to help whilst she assembled the frame. See the photo below.

Jungle Gym Hut Review

This is the review that she left on our Facebook page

“Thank you for helping me back in July to receive the Jungle gym hut in time for my daughters birthday in July 2014. As promised here is the outcome, she wanted it to be a pirate ship so without touching the original frame, made this for her. The finished outcome, my daughters pirate ship The Guttie Sark abbreviated from surname.”

Jungle Gym Hut

The Jungle Gym Hut, as you can see from the photos is a very versatile childrens wooden climbing frame. The Jungle Gym Hut is one of the smaller wooden climbing frames in the Jungle Gym range, but it does not compromise on fun. It features a sloping tarpaulin roof, a sand box and slide. The Jungle Gym Hut is easily customised, why not add on a swing module for extra playtime fun. For all the little pirates out there a steering wheel and telescope could be a perfect addition. Or what about a bucket module, so you can hoist up your loot?

Jungle Gym Hut Features

  • *Ladder
  • *Sandbox
  • *4 Ground Anchors
  • *4 Handgrips
  • *2 Bumper Pads™
  • *Jungle Flag™
  • *Slide 240 cm

Photo of Jungle Gym Hut turned pirate ship    Photo of Jungle Gym Hut turned pirate ship

Jungle Gym Hut

What do you think is this something you could do yourself? Have you the creative flare? If not don’t worry because our friends at Jungle Gym have been working hard on creating a Jungle Gym boat to save you the hard work. Below is a sneak peek of what it will look like. This will be available to order next year. So to all would be pirates the ship is on the horizon.

 Photo of Jungle Gym Boat

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