Wooden Climbing Frames

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Wooden climbing frames are all that we sell, there are number of good reason for this. We largely sell climbing frames to the domestic market so feel there has to be a balance between appearance and function. after all no one want a monstrosity of a climbing frame plonked in the middle of their back garden.

Although your initial instinct may be that owning a wooden climbing frame will involve more maintenance than a metal frame. this is not the case with the Jungle Gym’s we offer.

So Why Wooden Climbing Frames?

  • They look nicer and add to the appearance of your garden.
  • A wooden frames fits perfectly with the modular nature of our frames. This means that you can keep adding to your wooden climbing frame and your children get older.
  • All of the timber is pressure treated with Tanalith E, this is an EU approved water based solution that is non toxic.
  • When we supply your Jungle Gym the timber is already cut to size. So assembly is pretty straight forwards.
  • The timber we supply is Russian Redwood and comes with a 10 year anti rot guarantee.

Assembly of a wooden climbing frame by Jungle Gym is pretty simple. Although it is not a 10 minute job, We would recommend that you allow a full weekend. Although most people will complete the assembly in a day.

As the climbing frames are pretty big structures we always recommend that there are two of you to complete the majority of the job.

So please check out our full range of wooden climbing frames, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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