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The Net Link is a cleaver way to connect two Jungle Gym Towers together bringing an extra dimension to the Jungle Gym outdoor playground experience.

The Net Link is a new and different way to grow your Jungle Gym climbing frame. The Net Link will help your child to develop a sense of balance as they traverse between the Jungle Gym Towers in a safe and fun way. The Net Link has two handrails for support and a central beam runs underfoot. On either side of the Net Link there are crossed ropes to provide safety and a touch of variety. The Net Link is only wide enough for one child to cross at a time so it encourages children to take turns and co operate when crossing from one Jungle Gym climbing frame to another.


  • 2 Bumper Pads™
  • Safety Mesh
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 180 × 90 × 65 cm


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