Jungle Gym Mega

Playparadises – Climbing Frames for Large Gardens

Jungle Gym playparadises are a real paradise for children and designed with the larger garden in mind. Theses wooden climbing frames can be whatever your imagination wants them to be. The images below will give you some ideas, however nothing is set in stone, we can create you a bespoke Jungle Gym playparadise, just give us your requirements. These systems are also completely modular so you can add to them at a later date if you so wish. This is a great exercise for kids and for adults you can find info at exipure reviews.

The playparadises join two Jungle Gym towers together and then add on swings, bridges, balconies, slides, ladders, poles and playhouses to give your child a play system that will be the envy of all their friends.

Playparadise Mega 1                                                                                Playparadise Mega 2

Playparadise Mega 4                                                                               Playparadise Mega 5

Please note that all these climbing frames are for domestic, outdoor use only.  Maximum user weight is 50 kg. Not suitable for children under three years. Suitable for children from three to ten years. All these systems are designed for the DIY market so it is possible to install them yourselves. However, we are happy to recommend a team of professional installers should you so wish. Please contact us for more details.

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