Wooden Climbing Frame with Swings

Jungle Villa – The Party Entertainer

Wooden Climbing Frame with Swings

It was my 5 year old daughters birthday at the weekend and having given much thought to what to do for her party I decided to brave it and have it at home. These days there seems to be so much focus on birthday parties, much more than when I was young. Soft play tends to be a popular choice these day, but the costs can really add up if you are not careful. I decided to go down the traditional route and have a child’s party, like they use to be – with games.

I was slightly nervous when they all arrived, but there were only 6, five year olds so in reality I did not have much to fear. The weather forecast was stacked against us and despite being August there was a 60% chance of rain. As soon as they arrived and the present opening had taken place they rush outside onto our Jungle Gym Villa. It was like the wooden climbing frame was the party entertainer, I just sat back and watched!

The Jungle Gym Villa has a rope ladder and climbing wall at the front and access by the back as well. So there were plenty of access points for them all to use. We also have a double swing module attached so there was something for everyone. 20 minutes in and they were still playing. I was being to think I should call them in to start the party games, but they were having such a great time on the climbing frame I let them play.

They started using the climbing frame as a focus for imaginary play. They were using the peakascope to look out for bad fairies that were approaching and swinging high on the swings to keep look out. Sliding down the slide was then a great way for them to pretend they were nipping off to the cafe under the tower. The roof of the climbing frame is curved so they all had no problem standing up at the top of the tower and we have fixed a steering wheel there too, so they were soon driving off on a school trip.

The rain clouds then came over and I decided that it was time for party game, followed by a party tea. However, I have to say my Jungle Gym Villa did me proud and was the perfect entertainment for a birthday party.

Jungle Gym Villa Features

  • Slide 300 cm
  • Climbing Rock Wall
  • Climbing Rope
  • 1 Step Ladder
  • Sandbox
  • Ladder
  • 4 Ground Anchors
  • Bumper Pad™
  • Jungle Flag™
  • 6 Handgrips

Jungle Gym Villa Offer

As I write this (19th August 2013) the Jungle Gym Villa is currently on sale.

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