Jungle Gym?

image of children enjoying a Jungle Gym
Jungle gym climbing frames are great fun for kids

So Why Do We sell Jungle Gym Climbing Frames

We are often asked why we choose to sell Jungle Gym climbing frames above all the other options that are available.

To answer this question we have to go back to where Crocodile Outdoors began. We too were in your position once. We have three children and were looking for a climbing frame that inspired them to get outside and be active and generally have fun.

So, the search began. We looked at pretty much every type of climbing frame that was available. Or criteria for the climbing frames was as below. It had to be;

  • Safe and built to last for as long as the kids wanted it.
  • Loads of fun.
  • It needed to look nice in the garden, not that the children were bothered but we didn’t want some monster appearing in the garden.
  • Sensibly priced, we were happy to pay for quality but didn’t want to go over the top spending to much unnecessarily.
  • Easy to build, I am pretty busy and no DIY expert.

We looked at all of the cheaper stuff and were worried about how long it would last. We were amazed to find that we could spend thousands on climbing frames fit for a king. Don’t get me wrong these are great, just too expensive for us and in our opinion a little over engineered for home use in many cases.

Jungle Gym seemed to tick all of the boxes for our family requirements. So, were went for it and the Jungle Gym was on its way.

From that moment on we have never been anything other than impressed with Jungle Gym. Delivery was quick and easy. Construction took a couple of days but it is still very satisfying to see the finished article. Most importantly, the kids love it.

Jungle Gym impressed us so much that was it, meeting were set up and websites built. Once the distribution company could see we were serious about selling their climbing frames online we were off and running. This was back in 2008 and now with our new website crocodile outdoors is going from strength to strength.

We will take as much time as you need to advise you on which Jungle Gym climbing frame to choose for your family so please get in touch.

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