Jungle Gym Accessories & Offers

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are still thinking about what to get your child for Christmas, why not add to their Jungle Gym climbing frame. Jungle Gym Climbing frames are perfect for adding to as they are modular in design. This means that all the Jungle Gym accessories and modules fit on all the Jungle Gym Towers. We have a couple of offers on the Jungle Gym accessories and modules for you, to give you a helping hand this Christmas. One great thing about purchasing something for your wooden climbing frame is that it will come in a big box! As a parent I know how important it is to have some big boxes underneath the Christmas tree.

Jungle Gym Accessories

If you have already purchased a Jungle Gym Climbing Frame adding some accessories to your climbing frame will keep it new and exciting to play on and give extra prompts for imaginary play. The Jungle Gym Bucket module is a great little gadget that fits to the side of the climbing frame and works on a pulley system. Children can fill the bucket at the bottom of the climbing frame, climb up the ladder then hoist their loot up to the top of the platform. Great for keeping their hands free, when they are trying to climb. We currently have 25% off the Jungle Gym Bucket Module, whilst stocks last. Just enter the Jungle Gym voucher code ‘bucket25’ into the coupon box when you check out.

Jungle Gym Bucket Module

Jungle Gym Swing Module Xtra

A Jungle Gym swing module is a very popular way of growing your Jungle Gym. Depending upon your requirements and the size of your garden we have either one or two swing modules. We sell the swing modules either with our standard red swings or if you wish you can customise your swing module and purchase just the frame and add on the sling swing, monkey bars or baby swing. We currently have an offer on our two Swing Module Xtra which comes complete with two swing. The special offer price is £170. To get this price simply enter the Jungle Gym voucher code ‘swing5’ into the coupon box when you check out.

Jungle Gym Swing Module Offer

Jungle Gym Voucher Code T&C’s

The offers are only available on the Jungle Gym Bucket Module and the two Swing Module Xtra, whilst stocks last. The valid Jungle Gym voucher code needs to be entered in the coupon box on check out for the offer to be applied.

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