Jungle Barn

picture of jungle barn
A great jungle gym playset

The Jungle Barn is one of the premier wooden climbing frames made by Jungle Gym. At Crocodile Outdoors we love the Jungle Barn, it has a particularly large platform making it very spacious.

This gives little one’s plenty of space to play over two levels and also gives the wooden climbing frame a longer life. As children get older want to use the Jungle Gym Barn as more of a hideaway than a climbing frame and the Barn certainly fits the bill, making a superb den.

The wooden roof combined with the blue canopy gives the Jungle Barn a unique look within the range.

The Jungle Gym guys have designed the barn to be pretty easy to build. Although it is a big frame so you would be advised to enlist a helper, two pairs of hands are a big help with this wooden climbing frame. The Jungle Barn doesn’t take any longer to build than the smaller frames because of its classic simple design.

The simple design makes this one of the most flexible wooden climbing frames in the Jungle Gym range. The location of the  access points can be altered to suit the needs of your garden or any modules that you may choose to add.

The Jungle Barn can be accessed by both a ladder and a rock wall which comes as standard so kids will have hours and hours of fun devising different games. There a real benefits coordination wise too with the extra challenge of the rock wall bringing a fresh challenge. as with all Jungle Gym Towers there is a slide included. The simple classic design allows children’s imagination to run wild and this can be aided by adding some of the great accessories manufactured by Jungle Gym. For example, there is a steering wheel included as standard and this will soon turn the Jungle Barn into a ship, car or airplane when combined with an active imagination.

Jungle Barn Review Summary – This is one of the larger Jungle Gym climbing frames available but its simple design and the lack of a full pitched roof make it less imposing in the garden than some. If you are looking for a solid climbing frames you can’t go wrong.

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