Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

Space is becoming a luxury these days and the size of peoples gardens are getting smaller. However, there is still plenty of fun to be had for your little ones as there is a Jungle Gym Climbing frame suit every garden size. We are often asked for kids climbing frames for small gardens, so I thought I would list some of the most popular ones in the Jungle Gym range.

Each of the below Wooden Jungle Gym Climbing frames have been designed for maximum play impact in a small space.

The Jungle Gym Tower

The smallest Jungle Gym Climbing Frame in the range is the Jungle Tower. The Jungle Tower has an open plan design and comes with a sandbox, ladder and wavy slide. There is no roof to this wooden climbing frame, which is perfect for small gardens as it does not block any light. However, you have the option to expand the Tower if you wish. All the Jungle Gym products are modular. So if you move to a larger garden why not add on a swing module to enhance your children’s play area.
Climbing Frames for small gardens

The Jungle Gym Hut

The Jungle Hut, is a great buy if you are after a climbing frame for small gardens. Especially as it is currently on offer at only £346. The Jungle Hut, does have a roof, unlike the Jungle Tower. It also has a wider platform. It is still ideal for a slightly smaller garden and fits really well with the Climb Module X’tra if you wished to grow your Jungle Gym.

Climbing Frames for small gardens

 The Jungle Gym Casa

This wooden climbing frame has a Mediterranean feel to it and a wooden roof, which is favoured by many customers. On the Jungle Casa the ladder is on the front of the climbing frame, next to the slide. This reduced the need to have space at the back of the climbing frame, making it ideal for the smaller garden.

.Climbing Frames for small gardens


It is worth remembering that all the Jungle Gym play equipment is modular so it is designed to be added to. So if your garden size grows so can your Jungle Gym. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call and we can advise you on the best wooden climbing frame for the space that you have.

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