25% off Jungle Gym Bucket Module

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The Jungle Gym Bucket modular is a clever little addition to your Jungle Gym climbing frame. It is a perfect way for little ones to bring items up to the top of the Jungle Tower. The Jungle Gym Bucket module would make a great Christmas present so get in now and grab £25% off. Why not make a start on your Christmas shopping with this great offer. To claim your 25% off just enter the Jungle Gym voucher code bucket25 in the coupon box when you check out.

Jungle Gym Bucket Module

The Jungle Gym Bucket module is like another pair of hands for children. I bet many a parent has seen their child try to climb up the climbing frame whilst clutching a toy, teddy or doll in their hand. By installing a bucket module you will free up their hands to help them climb. Teddy or Dolly can simply be placed in the bucket module, then once the child has reached the top of the tower they can pull up the bucket and retrieve their toy. Simple, but safe.

The Bucket Module is great for encouraging children to play together and develop team work. By working together one can quickly fill the bucket whilst the other pulls the bucket to the top and sends it back down again. It is a great prop for imaginary play, you would be amazed by the uses children find for it. The Bucket module from Jungle Gym will fit on any climbing frame and features an intelligent pulley system. It is easy to attached to the climbing frame and has the Jungle Gym monkey printed on it. The rainbow coloured pulley system makes it a fun and attractive addition to your wooden climbing frame.

Christmas is Coming……

Christmas is just round the corner, so get organised and make a start on your Christmas shopping and grab a bargain. The bucket module comes fully boxed with full assembly instructions. It is also a good size box to fit underneath the Christmas tree and get the children guessing about what is inside it.

Terms and Conditions

To claim 25% off the bucket module just enter the Jungle Gym voucher code bucket25 into the coupon box when you check out and 25% will be taken off the item. This jungle gym promotional code is valid whilst stocks last. So get in quick and grab yourself a bargain for Christmas.

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