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Jungle Gyms Get a Break

Jungle Gyms climbing frames are getting a well deserved break. It is that time of year when Facebook is full of lovely pictures of clean and tidy children dressed in clean and well ironed uniforms - it is back to school! The hours spent on their wooden climbing frame now a distant memory as the [...]

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Jungle Villa – The Party Entertainer

It was my 5 year old daughters birthday at the weekend and having given much thought to what to do for her party I decided to brave it and have it at home. These days there seems to be so much focus on birthday parties, much more than when I was young. Soft play tends [...]

By | August 19th, 2013|News, Reviews|Comments Off on Jungle Villa – The Party Entertainer

Jungle Barn

A great jungle gym playset The Jungle Barn is one of the premier wooden climbing frames made by Jungle Gym. At Crocodile Outdoors we love the Jungle Barn, it has a particularly large platform making it very spacious. This gives little one's plenty of space to play over two levels and also gives [...]

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Jungle Palace

Jungle Palace As the name suggests, it doesn't get much better than the Jungle Gym Palace. This wooden climbing frame will leave your children wanting for nothing with so much included in the package. We have received nothing but great feedback on the Jungle Palace. Jungle Gym like to suggest that this is [...]

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